We live in a fragile world with limited resources – we need to preserve it

Raw materials as all material resources are finite. The environment has a limited capacity to buffer pollution and degradation. The biosphere has limited capacity to buffer adverse alterations. Our material life progressively depletes resources, destroys environment, biosphere, and biodiversity, and with that its capacity to buffer and balance adverse alterations – our world is becoming more fragile, and less able to sustain future generations.
For humankind to preserve the world for future generations to come, we need to preserve our material resources and our ecosphere.

Everything is interrelated, our World is ONE – we need to learn complexity

Everything in our world is directly or indirectly related through networks and loops of interdependencies, our world is ONE integrated system, and our world is COMPLEX. Our material life is not only expressed as tradeable values exchanged between suppliers and consumers in a global market. Our material life results in a multitude of unpredicted and uncontrolled alterations in our physical and societal world – we have no control whatsoever over the powers we have created, the forces we have unleashed, and the catastrophes resulting from them.
For humankind to gain control of its endeavors, we need to acknowledge complexity as a fundamental feature of our world, and to learn the skills required to manage complexity.

Our destiny is not in material supremacy – we need to go beyond the material and rise to maturity

Our materiallistic life-style is bringing humanity to its demise. The world view implicit in materialism suggests that human fulfillment is in unlimited material growth, and in consuming the earth in pursuit of material prosperity.
For humankind to become ready for transformation, we need to adopt a new idea of humanity: material means are a necessary basis for us to exist and to develop – but true humanity is in transcending beyond the material and in rising to spiritual maturity.

Humanity can only exist as ONE – we need to unite as ONE

The human condition is not only deteriorating on the physical, but also on the societal level, where people are increasingly alienated and divided, aggressively retreating to increasingly incompatible world views, leaving humanity fragmented, unfit for viability and prosperity.
For humankind to end fragmentation and self-paralyzation, we need to acknowledge the self-imposed existential challenge to humankind, establish a vision of a viable and progressing humankind, and unite as ONE.

Unity and viability require a new culture – we need to nurture its establishment

It is inherent that the materialist culture, as any other culture, protects itself against change, especially against replacement. It has tainted every fabric in our individual and collective consciousness – our values, our perception, our assumptions, and our thinking – making its influence invisible for the undiscerning eye.
For humankind to nurture a culture of life, we need to question every assumption and everything we take as a given, in order to understand our self-imposed fallacies. And we need to think and practice that new culture step by step – a culture that prioritizes humankind and life over the maximization of individuals’ material wealth.