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We live in a fragile environment with limited resources – but we keep consuming our world.
Our viability is not a given – but we take it for granted.
Our destiny is not in material supremacy – but in spiritual maturity.
Everything is related, our world is ONE – but we ignore everything except material gain.
We need a new entrepreneurship – not limited to a balance sheet, but embracing and shaping its impact on our world and our future.
Our survival is not a question in a distant future, it is decided now – but we act as if nature will patiently wait for us.
We need a new culture – one that puts human progress over material gain.
Our challenges cannot be solved with new technologies and green consumption – but all we come up with is more of the same.
Humanity can only exist as ONE – we need to unite as ONE.
Everything dividing us leads to non-existence, only as ONE we can exist – but our division becomes fiercer every day.
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Consider the current human condition: mankind’s viability is not a given. Developing our viability requires the most fundamental transformation humankind will ever go through. Questioning the fundamentals and assumptions that push us towards the brink of extinction – and transforming ourselves as individuals, entrepreneurs, and societies towards a Viable Mankind.

This initiative provides full spectrum support with developing and implementing an organic pattern of strategy, organization, and operations towards transformation.